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MailChimp PROHIBITS Inviting VIAL Subscribers to Wednesday's ZOOM Call With Lenka Koloma of FTBA!

We are really upset right now and want to share what happened about an hour ago...

Our President, Michelle Ford, attempted to create an e-blast for our website Subscribers. Upon sending a "test" email to herself, MailChimp immediately blocked and suspended further communications. Keep in-mind, that the eblast was never actually sent...the only thing that was sent, was a test email to Michelle, our President, whereby she could confirm that links were working and there were no misspellings. She never had the chance to send it to Subscribers!

What was Michelle trying to share with you? Here it is...

Lenka Koloma of Freedom To Breathe Agency Joins Us on Zoom Wednesday 3/10 at 8:00pm PST / 11:00pm EST

How can Affidavits help you to retain your unalienable rights? Find out tonight on this free Zoom call with Lenka Koloma of Freedom To Breathe Agency!

Here's the link to join us on Zoom

Michelle also did a video about this problem almost immediately after it it below:

Censorship is at an all time high. We need your help to combat this censorship! Please help spread the word and ask your friends/fans/followers/family to subscribe via our website at

In the meantime, we are seeking an email-blast platform who believes in FREE SPEECH! If you know of one, please be sure to let us know.

Thank you,


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